About Sweet Deal

about_imgSweet Deal has been a trading card distributor for over 20 years servicing both brick & mortar hobby stores as well as mass market retailers. Today Sweet Deal is the largest single location master distributor in the western United States carrying major trading card lines such as: Topps, Panini, Konami Yugioh, Leaf among others, as well as the most popular line of trading card supplies, Ultra Pro.

Our non-commission sales staff has over 75 years of industry experience and is absolutely devoted to the trading card hobby. We are steadfast in our belief that honesty & integrity are the most important ingredients in having successful, long-term business relationships. It is our job to offer our customers the widest selection of products at the most competitive overall pricing possible and we do our very best to support our customers in running the most successful business that they can. If our customers are doing well, then so are we. It’s really that simple. And, that’s why we’ve been here over 20 years and going strong.